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We offer top quality services

  • Separate Male and Female Therapy units
     At Svasthya Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center, we are providing separate male and female panchakarma therapy units to maintaine privacy for patients.

  • Classical and keraliya Panchakarma Therapy
     We are providing Granthokta - Classical as well as specialised keraliya Panchakarma Therapies at Svasthya Ayurvedic Clinic And Panchakarma Center

  • Anti Ageing Package
     Svasthya Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center is providing time-tested  Anti Ageing package

  • Derma Care Package for Skin
     With the continuous research, we have created Special Derma care package for skin

  • Weight Loss Therapies
     We have research based Weight Loss Therapies at our center

  • Joint Disorders and Spine Cure
     We are specialised in various Joint Disorders and Spine Cure